Spikes Spider snow chains bring a whole new level of quality and versatility to winter traction.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Spikes Spider product range combines outstanding features with high-end materials to produce snow chains that really deliver when the white-stuff starts falling.

Smart design
Many modern vehicles have a very limited clearance between the suspension components and the back of the tire. Spikes Spider’s do not extend behind the tire and so accommodate zero-clearance behind the wheel as well as limited clearances between the wheel and the wheel arches.

All Spikes Spider models are size-adjustable and accommodate a range of rim sizes and offsets. Unlike conventional chains you can readily move them across to a similar sized vehicle and adjust them to suit.

A product that is easy to use – gets used. In less than 30 seconds per wheel, the driver can have chains fitted and dramatically reduce the chance of skidding or losing control. The simplicity of fitting and removing Spikes Spider snow chains makes the decision to use the product simple too – even for short distances.

Spikes Spider products are designed to fit accurately and are very difficult to mount incorrectly. Their self-aligning capability means there’s also no second stop required to adjust or re-tension.

Safety is one of the guiding design principles behind Spikes Spider products and this has some real benefits to the driver; Vehicle safety systems like ABS and traction control remain engaged and fully functional because the chains do not grip the tires.

The chain system positions traction components between the tire and the road while the upper parts lift slightly off the top of the wheel to help release compacted snow and ice. This means cleaner chain and better grip.

SPIKES SPIDERs are designed using high-grade stainless steel chain or tungsten carbide-tipped studs to provide superior grip and excellent durability. The Alpine Pro range includes horizontal traction cleats to provide outstanding traction on ice, deep snow, mud and on steep terrain. The Sport range offers a smooth and quiet ride and the Compact offers the ultimate in simple, fast fitting traction.

Spikes Spider ® – Quality snow chains, whatever your requirement.

SPIKES SPIDER’s snow chains are available in five variants to suit your application;  COMPACT, SPORT, ALPINE PRO, EASY SPORT and EASY ALPINE PRO.

Snow Chains


The Spikes Spider EASY ALPINE PRO provides a lug-fixing, heavy duty solution for vehicles up to 5,000kg.
The EASY ALPINE PRO provides the same outstanding traction and deep snow capability, and the same no mess self aligning fit as the hub mounted version. The EASY ALPINE PRO is a lug-fixing version for complete removal from the wheel after each use.

The ultimate in removable vehicle traction.

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The Spikes Spider ALPINE PRO is a quick-fit, heavy duty solution for vehicles up to 5,000kg

The ALPINE PRO series combines easy fitting, simple size adjustment and zero clearance compatibility with a truly rugged full-circumference snow chain.  Horizontal cleats around the tire circumference provide outstanding traction in deep snow and on steep terrain.

Think of it like fitting bulldozer tracks in under 30 seconds.

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The Spikes Spider EASY SPORT provides a smooth running and no-fuss solution for mid-sized vehicles up to 3,500kg.

The EASY SPORT offers the same great traction, smooth ride and self-aligning fit as the hub-mounted SPORT system.  The EASY SPORT is a lug-fixing version for complete removal from the wheel after each use

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The Spikes Spider SPORT series brings quick-fitting flexibility and comfort to mid-sized vehicles up to 3,500kg

The SPORT system is a full-circumference snow chain designed around a modular platform, making size adjustment effortless.

The use of high-grade materials results in a smooth and quiet ride, and clever design eliminates the fitting and clearance issues associated with conventional snow chains

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Fitted in as little as 10 seconds per wheel, the COMPACT is a fully featured snow chain for vehicles up to 2,500kg

The COMPACT system incorporates tungsten carbide tipped studs with engineering grade polymers to create a snow chain like no other.

Clever design makes the COMPACT extremely simple to fit and remove and easily disassembled for flat storage.  No need to move the vehicle, no need to reach into the wheel arches and no need to kneel or lie on the ground.  Stay dry and clean and get moving again in seconds.

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